DS Tayman Blair Athol 12yo 2009 Syrah Edition 46% ABV


Distilled at Blair Athol in November 2009, this single malt matured in a virgin oak hogshead, before finishing in an ex-syrah (shiraz) wine cask! Bottled in January 2022 as part of a total outrun of 388 bottles.

Appearance: Rust/amber. An immediate forming of many thick trails, large teardrops and viscous tide marks. The film had a pleasing viscosity and stuck to the glass for ages.

Nose: The level of ABV feels about right for 46%. Spicy bourbon notes with cherry, honey and vanilla. Some cinnamon and black pepper.
After a bit more nosing some more mellow notes appear such as digestive biscuit and cake sponge, there’s also icing sugar and Fruit Salad chews in the mix too. As the dram matures there are a few blackberry and strawberry elements.

Palate: A spice-forward first sip with black pepper, cinnamon, ginger and aniseed. The semi-viscous mouthfeel is welcomed. The blackberry and strawberry fruit notes are more evident on the palate, adding a much-needed sweetness to balance the initial spices.
Honey, subtle cherry and forest fruit pie with custard complete the flavour ensemble.

Finish: Short to medium. The spices and blackberry linger for a little while before fading. The icing sugar note is also evident in the finish.

Overall: An inoffensive, if not a little uninteresting dram. There’s nothing not to like, but equally nothing particularly memorable either.

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