DS Tayman Caol Ila Tulip Edition 12yo 46% ABV


Released as part of the Tulip Edition collection. Distilled in 2010 & matured for 12 years in a Hogshead before finishing in a first-fill tulip wine barrel.


Appearance: A rose-tinted light amber (20-25). A decent thick tide mark with plenty of thick trails all appear instantly when swirled. An oily film clings to the inside of the glass.

Nose: Easy on the ethanol. Immediate dying ashy bonfire and honey-drenched BBQ meats, caramelising on the grill. There’s also a lighter, almost citrus-fresh element to the nose, which adds a nice balance to the embers and meats. Some blueberry Hubba Bubba starts to linger in the background after some nosing and acclimatisation to the initial aromas. It’s a lovely inviting and friendly nose.

Palate: A semi-viscous mouthfeel. The notes from the nose are all translated to the palate but with a dusting of black pepper, which tingles along on the side of the mouth. The second sip reveals more vanilla and gentle baking spices, a gentle warming starts to build on the chest at this point too.

Finish: The ash, meats and black pepper linger for a medium amount of time. There is some blueberry trying to remain but it fades fairly quickly.

Overall: I really like this one, and will definitely consider a bottle in the near future. A lovely set of aromas and flavours that marry well and please the senses.

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