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After ageing for five years in French oak casks from the Limousin region, EDDU SILVER BROCÉLIANDE finishes maturing in new Breton oak casks from the Brocéliande Forest. Officially released in 2013.

In partnership with the French National Forestry Organisation (ONF), the VICARD cooperage fells centenary oak trees selected in the Brocéliande Forest to make barrels containing approximately 400 litres.

Distillerie Des Menhirs

This French whisky is distilled purely from Buckwheat.


More of a mid gold in colour, medium thick swirl line, with only a handful of thick legs. #TheWhiskeyChaps


Initially it’s very botanical, but underneath there is lemon and cherry sweetness. It’s very wood forward too, dusty, and some icing sugar. #TheWhiskeyChaps

Hot mash potatoes, cream soda, apricots, and the dustiness keeps going too. #TheWhiskeyChaps


Decent mouthfeel, and again a very different palate. Pine resin and wood wax, wood polish, bitter lemon, cream soda, balsa wood, and becoming spicier. Hot vanilla custard, ginger, cinnamon, freshly peeled tree bark. #TheWhiskeyChaps


Medium in length, and definitely spicy, but also dark fruits, but a paint thing is there too, very unusual indeed. #TheWhiskeyChaps

My thoughts

Well what do i say about this whisky? It’s different to any whisk(e)y iv’e previously tasted, and i have to say that on the whole i liked the majority of aromas and flavours i found in it, but. As much as i liked most flavours there was one that spoilt it for me, and i can only describe it as a flavour that i’d expect paint to taste like going by it’s smell.

Sadly i found it quite strong and difficult to move beyond. Saying that, i would like to try it at a higher ABV, it could be better. This bottle is sadly a no for me, but i would say to others to try it if they can, it’s an experience.

The Distillerie Des Menhirs website can be found here, Bottle Photo courtesy of Rhumattitude.com, and brand logo photo courtesy of whiskybase.com.

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