Eddu Broceliande 43% ABV

Eddu Broceliande

Aged for five years in French oak casks from the Limousin region & finished in new Breton oak casks from the Brocéliande Forest. In partnership with the French National Forestry Organisation (ONF), the VICARD cooperage fells centenary oak trees selected in the Brocéliande Forest to make barrels containing approximately 400 litres.

Appearance: Honey/sunset gold. Nice thick swirl line with an almost welded-liked appearance. Lots of short slow-forming medium legs.

Nose: That lovely sweet honey cereal note, sweet shop aromas, earthy/forest notes and the ABV is more evident than in the Silver.

Palate: A little thin, black pepper, cereals, honey and that confectionary sweetness. There is a citrus element, lemon more than orange. Also, have you ever bitten a door, this tastes like that? The palate is a little watery in flavour, as well as viscosity, for me. It’s diluted in taste.

Finish: Honey cereals, cherry, red apple (maybe) and a touch drying.

Overall: Not a fan I’m afraid. I’m ok with the flavours, but they just seem dialled back too far and should be far more bold.

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