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Aged for five years in French ex-Cognac casks, EDDU SILVER L’ORIGINAL was the first edition in the EDDU range.

With the launch of Eddu Silver in 2002, the Distillerie des Menhirs “reinvented” whisky by creating the first ever buckwheat whisky in the world.

Far from being productive, buckwheat crops yield four times less than barley (12 to 15 quintals of buckwheat per hectare compared with 60 to 80 quintals of barley per hectare). Its alcoholic yield is half that of barley.

“IGP Whisky de Bretagne” means that every aspect of the production process, from grinding to ageing, is done in Brittany in our distillery.

Distillerie Des Menhirs

This French whisky is distilled purely from Buckwheat.


White wine in colour, nice thick swirl line with several thick slow running legs. #TheWhiskeyChaps


Quite sweet on the nose, rose water, Turkish delight, then Rich tea biscuits, toasted bread. Slowly a menthol aroma comes through, raisins, and tea cakes. #TheWhiskeyChaps

I’d say petrichor now, faint lemon and pineapple. #TheWhiskeyChaps


Now the palate is completely different, sweet cracker breads, water biscuits, and slowly becoming earthy, damp leaves, there’s another flavour that’s new to me that I’m going to have to think about some more. #TheWhiskeyChaps

The flavour is like lychee’s and mineral water, very difficult to pinpoint. #TheWhiskeyChaps


A light drying, and that lychee + mineral water flavour becomes stronger, with perhaps cherry tunes throat sweets. I’m on the fence with this one, it’s definitely intriguing, yes not sure tbh. #TheWhiskeyChaps

My thoughts

This was part of an unusual grain and whisky tasting, and unusual it certainly is. It has aroma and flavour combinations that are new to me, so a massive learning curve in all honesty. My thoughts on this French whisky after tasting was that i wasn’t sure if i’d buy a bottle. After tasting the Eddu Broceliande i can say that i much prefer this bottling from them, and if found at the right price i would be tempted to purchase one, if it was found at the right price for me, other than that i’d buy something else, but it was definitely worth trying.

The Distillerie Des Menhirs website can be found here, Bottle Photo courtesy of Bienmanger.com, and brand logo photo courtesy of whiskybase.com.

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