Egan’s Fortitude 46% ABV

egans irish whiskey

Another Christmas advent dram and another Egan’s, so I’m excited! Having tried and loved the Vintage Grain, I have high hopes for this one, especially as it’s been matured in Pedro Ximenez casks!

“Egan’s Fortitude pays tribute to the legacy of co-founder Henry J. Egan. The single malt Irish whiskey was matured exclusively in Pedro Ximénez casks, and as such is rich in sherried flavours and aromas.” – Master of Malt

Appearance: Golden, shiny with crystal clarity. Not particularly viscous however.

egans fortiitude
A lovely golden, crystal clear Irish whiskey

Nose: Instat coffee, oak, roasted nuts, caramel, dark fruits and a touch of bubble gum. There’s also definite herbal aromas.

Palate: Slightly watery mouth feel. There is some bitter chocolate and butteriness, but not as much as I’d like, or become used to from other Irish whiskies.

The herbal qualities, from the nose, increase on the palate. There’s some black pepper and a metallic edge too.

Finish: Spicey, peppery heat and a tiny trace of butter and chocolate. A touch of sweetness, but there’s that watery element, which I can’t get passed to enjoy the other flavours unfortunately.

Overall: Having tried and been very impressed with the Vintage Grain, I’m disappointed with this. Considering it’s matured exclusively in Pedro Ximenez casks, I’m struggling to find the influence, other than a small trace, which should be obvious.

It’s still the Vintage Grain on the wish list for 2021!

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