Egan’s Vintage Grain 46% ABV.

egans vintage grain 1

“Casked in American oak bourbon barrels, this single grain Irish whiskey was meticulously hand-selected by Jonathan v. Egan, the sixth generation of a family with whiskey in their blood.”

Egan’s Whiskey


This whiskey is light gold in colour, it’s quite viscous on the swirl line too and has lovely slow medium legs.


Musty, dusty and fusty, a slight menthol note, an earthiness, some dunnage too. I’m getting some perfume here, floral, wood varnish, putty, an d meaty, this is not what I was expecting to be honest, I thought it’d be quite light.


There’s a lovely balance for me between sweetness and spice, one second I’m getting pineapple, apricots, and a touch of lemon, the next it’s coffee grinds, chilli’s, liquorice, hot ginger and cinnamon, it has a decent mouthfeel too. I’m adding vanilla, golden treacle and cereals/grains too after trying it again after our tasting of it had finished. On revisiting this Whiskey I am getting more sweetness, Vanilla, toffee, sweet lemon and Icing sugar, there’s lots going on.


The finish is quite long, spicy again, I’m getting tropical fruits and old leather, dark chocolate, oak, and black pepper, it’s very nice to be honest.

My thoughts

I was caught off guard by this Grain whiskey. i was expecting a very light whiskey, but what i got was a sweet and light/darker and spicy mixture, a rather nice surprise to be honest, and they come along hand in hand. It’s well balanced, a great sipper for sure, and is easily good enough to enjoy as it is.

Would i buy a bottle?

At around £40 – £42 it’s a bit of a no brainer for me really, I’ve tasted whiskies that are far more expensive that offer far less of an experience. I hope to taste more from their range soon.

egans vintage grain 2

Notes – This Single Grain Whiskey is around 8 years old, and i have found a reference stating that it is non chill filtered.

Thanks to – Killian Egan for joining us during the tasting.

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