Egan’s Vintage Grain 46% ABV

Egan's Irish whiskey

Appearance: Light gold, hay, white wine

Nose: Confectionary sugar, red apples, stewed fruits and buttery pastry. Honey too. Very fresh and lifting on the nose, typically Irish!

Palate: Lovely buttery mouthfeel. Butter and chocolate in abundance on the palate immediately, what a beautiful delivery!! Red apples and dark fruits form a wonderfully complimentary backing group to the butter and chocolate, this is a lovely dram so far!! There also slight spiciness, with cinnamon and a touch of black pepper, slightly drying towards the finish.

Finish: Not too long. Zesty, red apple skin lingers. A slight copper twang sits on the back of the tongue the longest. The butter is still evident, not the chocolate so much now.

Overall: A lovely surprise! I’ve never heard of this one before, so glad it made it into this advent calendar. At about £55, it’s now on my wishlist for early 2021! I’ll also make a note to explore their other expressions too!

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