English Spirit Spiced Rum 42% ABV.

English Spirit Spiced Rum

Spicing rum traditionally involved sweetening poor quality rum to mask the taste: ours is a refreshing alternative, jam-packed with luxurious flavour. Our scratch distilled Old Salt Rum is infused with red cherries, hibiscus and vanilla,  plus a few other special bits that Dr J calls ‘pixie dust’. The result is a delicious English spiced rum that’s great for sipping, or as a base for cocktails. Our favourite is Alcoholic Assam: a double of English Spiced Rum, a double of tonic, two slices of ginger and a few torn mint leaves.

This drink differs dramatically from your usual Caribbean rums, and in our opinion for the better.  Its subtle warmth & hint of cherries gives it a distinctive flavour, from the first sip to the end of the glass it is a real treat. The use of alternate British fruit that is often forgotten made us like it more.” – Judging Panel, Great British Food Awards 2020

English Spirit


Dark gold in colour, with a syrupy thick swirl line and legs, it’s very viscous on the glass.


we’re straight into Vanilla pods and cream soda sweetness, followed by botanicals, orange rind, and maraschino cherries. A slightly dusty aroma slowly emerges, then royal icing, and it’s floral with perfume, and lastly golden syrup with digestive biscuits.


First off it has a lovely mouthfeel, and all of the notes from the nose are here plus more. On the palate it is warming, not overly spicy but definitely has a tang to it. The orange rind is stronger, and cough candy, a touch of espresso, and the whole time it’s accompanied by a gorgeous sweetness. The palate is a very nicely crafted range of flavours.


Long side of medium in length in the main, though the spices do persist a little longer. And that sweet/spice and then darker slightly bitter notes like cask char, black pepper, cloves and raisins come through.

My thoughts

I asked my son to blindly stick his hand into my samples drawer and grab a bottle for me to enjoy, and review if i fancied doing so, and this spiced rum was duly put into my hand.

I made contact with the English Spirits distillery a while ago now as one of their distilleries is in Great Yeldham in Essex, not a million miles from where i live, and they very kindly sent me some samples. As with many samples i swap or purchase they have sat in my drawer for probably 10 months, and after my son picked it for me i thought why not, lets try a spiced rum, and it soon became obvious on tasting that it was definitely worth reviewing, my first rum review and my 400th Whiskey Chaps review.

As soon as i nosed this i knew i was going to enjoy it, the aromas alone made me smile. I have to say i really enjoyed the flavours it brings, something with flavours i get in whisk(e)y, but in different proportions that i don’t find in whisk(e)y. Currently this is £38 a bottle, and i’d say that’s rather good, and i can see a bottle of this sitting in my drinks cupboard sooner rather than later 🥰.

The English Spirits website can be found here, and they as well as us can be followed on Twitter using the buttons below.

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