Ezra Brooks 99 49.5% ABV

rebel 100

Bottled at 99 Proof/49.5% ABV, compared to the standard black label bourbon, which is bottled at 40% ABV.

Appearance: Slightly lighter than the Rebel, amber. Quite oily, coats the glass.

Nose: On the nose, the Ezra Brooks is quite herbal and earthy. There are still the classics though, vanilla and caramel especially. Sugared almonds, woody notes to this too, as expected, along with some spiciness from the ABv and apple now too! #LuxRowWhiskey

Palate: Sweeter than I expected on the palate, plenty of cherry and even dark fruits (black Fruit Pastels). There is a spiciness, but it’s well balanced and married. Lovely and oily, really fruity this one, very pleasantly surprised! There’s a very slight drying, nothing offputting though. Getting the slight bitterness from lemon zest now. Sugary undercurrent also.

Finish: The finish is quite bitter and spicy, lemon pepper (fondue anyone?!) There’s also definitely a herbal side to the finish too.

Overall: For £35 this is a stunningly good bourbon. Nice pumped up abv, loads of layers and more rich and fruity than many other bourbons twice the price. Very nice!

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