Ezra Brooks Kentucky Sour Mash Bourbon, 45% ABV.

ezra brooks sour mash bourbon

45% ALC/VOL • 90 PROOF

It starts with genuine Kentucky sour mash. Then it’s aged the old-fashioned way, charcoal filtered, and bottled at an honest 90 proof. That’s straight-up authentic bourbon.

Appearance – This whiskey is mid gold in colour, it beads up a little on the the swirl line, and has thin legs.

Nose – Lighter and sweeter, bbq meats, light menthol, pineapple cubes, stoned fruits, there’s almost a meat stew aroma in there for me, and glazed cherries. There’s an earthiness about this also, cigar leaves, a forest like aroma, herbaceous.

Palate – There are light stoned fruits here, more glazing putty, dark chocolate, black cherries, wood varnish, cinnamon, slight black liquorice, and black pepper.

Finish – I’d say it’s medium in length. and quite warming, nice oak and the spices calm down a little, easy drinking, a good supper imho.

My thoughts – As an entry level Bourbon it ticks the boxes, it’s definitely aimed at someone new to Bourbons, it has nice enough flavours, it’s a decent sipper.

Would I buy a bottle? – As someone further down their whisk(e)y trail it’s a no, but it will do the job for someone else for sure.

Thanks to – Lux Row distillers, Chapman pool PR, @TheWhiskyWire and @TweetTastings (Twitter).

Picture CreditThe House of Malt.

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