Fettercairn 12yr old 58.8% ABV from A.D.Rattray. 

fettercairn 12yr old
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The fourth in a series of sister casks released in our Cask Collection through the years. We are overseeing (and sharing) the development of this quirky distillate from punchy, early promise, to luxurious, fruity exuberance.

Fettercairn Distillery

Whisky Information.

58.8% ABV. / 700ml 

Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Cask No. 1097

A. D. Rattray Cask Collection. 

  • Distilled at Fettercairn
  • 12 Years Old
  • Cask Type: 1st Fill Bourbon Hogshead
  • Cask No: 1097
  • Date Distilled: 31.03.2009
  • Date Bottled: 23.09.2021
  • Number of Bottles: 315
  • Cask strength: 58.8%
  • Un-chill filtered
  • Natural colour


A yellowish orange gold in colour, the thick swirl line beads up quickly, and drops a handful of medium thick legs along with teardrops that hang just below it.


That ABV is lovely and punchy, and initially i’m getting  honey, menthol, fresh pineapple, and green apple skins. 

More time brings sweet lemon, lemon meringue pie, white pepper, a touch of cream soda, peach slices, and a slightly toasted bread aroma.


Lovely mouthfeel, quite oily, and then the 1st fill bourbon spices throw themselves at you. Lots of stoned fruits with pineapple, cinnamon and cardamom, white pepper, a touch of root ginger, honey. 

Waiting brings toasted tea cakes, anise, a flat cola flavour. Raspberries arrive eventually, with cherryade, chilli’s and red liquorice.


Long in general, though the spices do hang around on the side of the tongue and cheeks for longer. And we’re into mocha and milk chocolate, a touch of grapefruit rind, and spicy vanilla.

My thoughts

I’m definitely a Fettercairn fan, and i prefer the bourbon cask bottlings, and this 1st fill bourbon cask is right up my street. It has a lovely range of aromas and flavours, with plenty of spice and bite, and develops nicely in my opinion, it’s definitely a bottle i’d have in my whisky cupboard.

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