Fettercairn 2009 12yr old 58.8% ABV (A.D.Rattray)


This whisky was part of the Twitter tasting on the 23rd of September 2021of an A.D.Rattray Cask Collection tasting set, with The Whisky Wire. (Twitter follow buttons can be found at the bottom of this review.)

!st fill Bourbon hogshead #1097 and will be available in October 2021 for £70.



Leaning towards a mid gold colour here, and a medium thick swirl line beads up immediately, and drops slow medium thick legs. #ADRattrayWhisky


Oooooh, lots of cream soda, then a little nuttiness joins it. Wood wax aromas mix with dried apricots and mango’s. A savoury meat note briefly floats through, surpassed by sweet perfume and meadow flowers. #ADRattrayWhisky

Left for longer it becomes dusty, with turkish delight chunks with that dusting they sprinkle over them, digestive biscuits finish off the nose. #ADRattrayWhisky


Loads of 1st fill Bourbon cask spices. Wow, atomic cinnamon with loads of ginger root and white pepper. Once the palate calms down you notice the decent mouthfeel, and sweet lemon, pineapple cubes and icing sugar. Slowly it develops with latte, then raisins and figs, lots of christmas cake flavours #ADRattrayWhisky

Towards the end of the palate it becomes sweeter, stoned and tropical fruits now, though the latte still hangs about too #ADRattrayWhisky


Long side of medium in length, again chest warming, with blood orange coming in, more sweet lemon, with cranberries and a touch of drying and char notes, and it makes me smile, job done #ADRattrayWhisky

My thoughts

I have to admit to having a thing for Fettercairn whisky, though that doesn’t automatically guarantee a great experience every time. On opening the set this came in i was so excited to see this one, and prayed this was going to be a good Fettercairn.

Thankfully it’s as good, actually it’s better than i expected, this is a wonderful dram, and if you specifically like Fettercairn this might well be a bottle worth looking at, its a bottle i’d love in my whisky cupboard.

Notes – This whisky is presented in it’s natural colour, is non chill filtered and bottled at natural cask strength.

Thanks to – A.D.Rattray Independent whisky company, and The Whisky Wire, for the opportunity to sample this whisky.

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