Fettercairn Warehouse 2 Batch 1 49.7% ABV.

fettercairn warehouse 2 batch 1
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Matured in the distillery’s Warehouse 2, and drawn from five different types of cask: Port pipes, Vasyma sherry butts, Tevasa sherry barrels, unseasoned Vasyma barrels, and ex-bourbon barrels. There’s a lot to dig into here, though manages to remain approached even with the complexity imparted by this cask recipe.

Scotch Galore


I’d say this whisky is mid gold in colour, it has a medium thick swirl line that beads up immediately on my stemmed tulip glass, and has slow medium legs. #thewhiskeychaps


It’s quite strong on the nose for 49.7% ABV, and I’m getting a mix of tropical fruits with green grapes and apple skin, perhaps guava too, there is a cereal/grain aroma too. Nice and fruity so far. #thewhiskeychaps


Yes @whiskeychap, that is some mouthfeel, really syrupy. This is a spicy boy, straight in on the palate, I did wonder what these casks would produce. Cinnamon, toffee, and milky coffee initially. #thewhiskeychaps

Ginger root, icing sugar, dunnage, bitter lemon, guava and green apple skins from the nose, it’s got quite a range of flavours tbh. #thewhiskeychaps


Long side of medium in length, the spices hang around and it’s almost Smokey at this stage. Some darker fruits are appearing for me now, plums, cloves, and star anise, with some nutmeg too. #thewhiskeychaps

My thoughts

This was the first time i’d tried this or any of the warehouse 2 bottles to be honest, a series i’d been wanting to try for a good while. I have to say that i’m far from disappointed, this is a banger of a dram in my opinion. The mouthfeel is one of the thickest iv’e experienced, and the aromas and flavours are wonderful, i think it’s a full on whisky experience. I’d be very happy to have a bottle in my whisky cupboard 🥰.

A big thank you goes out to our Twitter whisky friends Duncan and Jack, @whiskytip and @scotchjak, for the samples, for joining us for the tasting, and the use of their tweets from that tasting. Both Duncan and Jake, as well as us can be followed on twitter using the buttons below.

Bottle image courtesy of The Whisky World.

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