Fettercairn Warehouse 2 batch 1 48.5% ABV


Fettercairn’s Warehouse Collection’s debut release. This whiskey was aged in Warehouse 2 of the distillery and was sourced from five different types of cask: port pipes, Vasyma sherry butts, Tevasa sherry barrels, unseasoned Vasyma barrels, and ex-bourbon barrels.

Appearance: Honey gold with an amber hue. An immediate corrugated film forms with medium legs and many small teardrops hanging from the swirl mark.

Nose: Malt, honey cornflakes & lemon pepper. Not a huge ABV wave, but about right for the strength. As the glass matures it becomes more tropical and citrus-forward. Watermelon and lemon predominantly.
Toffee poppets too now.
There are some faint wood aromas lurking in the mix too. Quite a varied nose, but well-balanced.

Palate: Wow! That’s a syrupy mouthfeel. Like melted chocolate. More spice heat on the palate, black pepper and mild chilli. This is the thickest whisky I think I’ve had to date, it’s insane.
There’s some astringency and eucalyptus too, quite medicinal in texture and flavour (children flavoured).

Finish: The finish sees the return of the lemon, now bitter, along with the aniseed heat and a touch of a copper coin.

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