Fettercairn Warehouse 2 batch 2 48.5% ABV


The second instalment in the warehouse series is called Fettercairn Warehouse 2 Batch No.2. This release honours the treasure trove of casks within the distillery and fully expresses the tropical distillery flavour thanks to Gregg Glass, who patiently sampled hundreds of casks maturing in Warehouse 2.

Appearance: Light gold. Another thick oily film, quickly forming and morphing into medium/thick legs and many small teardrops.

Nose: The rye is quite evident: some heat and fairly herbal. The lemon element from batch 1 is consistent here too. Again quite tropical and fruity. Fruit salad sweets feature quite strongly on the nose.

Palate: Not such a luxuriously buttery mouthfeel as batch 1 but oily nonetheless. The lemon pepper and chilli heat are evident straight away. There’s a mellow custard layer and some fruit reduction.

Finish: More lemon pepper on the finish. Some bitterness and maybe gooseberry.

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