Filey Bay Moscatel Finish, 46% ABV, 6,000 bottles.

filey bay moscatel finish

This field to bottle single malt was initially matured in 200L bourbon casks (filled in 2016), before being transferred to 250L Hogshead barrels from Spain that had held Moscatel for 10 years prior to this. The use of bourbon casks followed by Moscatel barrels to finish creates a really interesting flavourful whisky. Still light and soft like our previous releases but with an added depth, more layers of fruit and sweet spices. There are 6000 bottles of this release available.

Spirit of Yorkshire distillery

Appearance – Light gold in colour, again quite viscous on the glass and beads up, nice thick legs.

Nose – There are very strong tropical fruits here, cream soda, lots of sweetness tbh. There’s lemons, pineapples, mango, cereals, cocktail cherries, like a cheese cake base too, it’s a very strong nose indeed, and very nice.

Palate – Definitely fuller, more syrupy, and salty. Loads of tropical fruit, it’s oily on the lips and spicy in the cheeks. It definitely gets spicier, lovely and warming, I’m getting hints of the first sample too, distillery dna I suspect.

Finish – The finish is pepper and sweetness, and it gets spicier, really heats up my tongue, lovely, and quite long too, very nice.

My thoughts – Again i rather enjoyed this bottling, i thought it might be a little drying, but it wasn’t, very enjoyable all round.

Would i buy a bottle? – Yes i certainly would, it has that little more going on than the 2nd release.

Notes – This whisky is natural coloured and non chill filtered.

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