Filey Bay STR Finish, 46% ABV.

filey bay str finish

Distilled in 2016, this ‘field to bottle’ single malt spent years maturing in bourbon casks before transferring to be ‘finished’ in shaved, toasted and re-charred red wine barriques, which came from sunny Rioja vineyards in Spain.

Spirit of Yorkshire distillery

Appearance – This whisky is mid gold in colour, it’s very viscous and has super thick legs.

Nose – There’s pastry here, cream soda again, lemon tarts, icing sugar, there’s more here, I’ve got to think of what it is. There’s a slight mustiness, sweet cherries and strawberries, but definitely tart, and possibly a touch of menthol.

Palate – The palate is big on red berries, strawberries, sweet cherries, red currants, some cranberry too, a little drying bit minimal. It gets juicier too with time, more syrupy, nothing heavy or dark here for me, making me salivate to be honest. I really like this one too, it’s a bit oily tasting too, a little bit of dirtiness.

Finish – Long and warming, inviting, spicy with wood notes coming through, maybe chillis right at the back of the throat, very nice indeed.

My thoughts – Yep, another winner for me, thoroughly enjoyed it to be honest.

Would i buy a bottle? – It’s another yes for a Filey Bay bottling.

Notes – This whisky is natural coloured and non chill filtered.

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