Finn Thomson Blair Athol 9yo 59.6% ABV

finn thomson blair athol 9

Appearance: Flat rose wine. A nice viscous film form and clings to the glass. The film soon starts to ripple and form a corrugated effect around d the glass. A few medium legs start to seep from the average tide mark.

Nose: Porridge, berries and vanilla hit first. The dram carries the ABV well, it’s not overwhelming at all, on the nose.
There’s a definite confectionary side to this. Sweet shop sugars and fruit salad chews/tropical fruits, mango and honeydew melon.
A mellow chocolate-like aroma also floats in and out of the senses. It’s a nicely balanced nose and one that definitely creates a want to try the whisky.

Palate: For a 9-year-old, this has a lovely mouthfeel, quite syrupy. It immediately tastes and feels luxurious. The spice from the ABV hits first: chilli and white pepper. Balancing the heat there is a deep and rich dark fruit flavour, adding sweetness, along with roasted nuts and tobacco leaf.
The palate reflects the high abv more than the nose, not a bad thing though. The vanilla shows up after a while, along with semi-bitter dark chocolate and a touch of orange.

Finish: Medium to long. Filled with those deep and rich fruits and the vanilla.

Overall: Banger. Love it.

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