Finn Thomson Mannochmore PX 14 yo 58% ABV

Finn Thomson Mannochmore PX 14

Distilled: 14/05/2008 and Bottled: 17/07/2022. Cask No: 09029. Cask type: American Oak, PX Finish
One of only 302 bottles available worldwide

Appearance: A lovely shiny and crisp honey gold. Quite a thin swirl line forms with plenty of thin to medium legs. Teardrops ooze into a semi-viscous film.

Nose: A decent waft from the higher ABV. Toffee apples, stewed orchard fruits, slight funk and oak. The wood notes intensify the more I inhale, becoming quite ‘heady’.
The toffee apple notes start to morph into Werthers Original after a time, more buttery and ever-so-slightly cloying.
Once my nose acclimatises slightly there is a more confectionary side, sweet and almost fruity.

Palate: Immediately lovely and chest-warming. Buttery mouthfeel and taste, creamy. The orchard fruits, apple and toffee notes remain consistent.
There’s a blood-orange bitterness lurking in the background, together with those Chocolate Cherry Liqueurs.
A chilli tingle starts to build after a few sips, no real spice (black/white pepper etc) just the sweeter flavours and the chilli.

Finish: Medium to long. That Chocolate Cherry Liqueurs and chilli linger a while, before fading. The chest-warming is also an element that remains for a time.

Overall: It’s an interesting and pleasant dram for sure. I prefer the palate to the nose, all in all a very nice whisky.

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