Firkin 49: Tullibardine 2012 whisky in custom oloroso & amontillado cask 48.9% ABV

firkin whisky

Founded by Mike Collings, creator of Johnnie Walker Blue & Green Labels, The Classic Malts, Rare Malts to name but a few, Firkin Whisky was the result of some creative thinking over a few drams in a Tokyo bar.

All Firkin whisky is matured in custom casks. Every cask is different because of its maturation location and type of wood and cask. Each whisky is re-casked into a firkin custom double oak that was seasoned with a soulmate wine.

firkin whisky

Firkin Whisky create unique double oak barrels using 2 types of oak & mature the whisky in a soulmate wine cask.

The first type of cask is American oak from first-fill Bourbon. The second is new Limousin oak with a custom char.

Master coopers combine the 2 types of oak into 1 barrel. The result is a cask with a unique oak profile. Firkin Whisky also matches the single malt with a fortified wine that accentuates and polishes the whisky & gives a real depth of flavour.

This ‘Tullibardine 2012 whisky in custom oloroso & amontillado cask’ is a Highland 2012 vintage, again 48.9% ABV and natural colour & NCF. This batch is limited to 306 bottles

Appearance: Tullibardine appearance: Very similar honey gold. Nice and light & vibrant. Good viscosity

Nose: Personally, I would never place this as the same ABV as the Benrinnes. This is much more subtle. Red apple skin, wildflower honey and a touch of spearmint. As the glass matures, there’s more of a sourdough starter funk.

Palate: Another lovely oily mouthfeel. Nice buttery sweetness, with some more concentrated fruitiness. Stewed forest fruit crumble and cream.

There’s some Petrichor notes, damp forest floor and tree bark. I’ve gone from walking through an orchard to walking through a forest in the rain! A proper journey in a glass!

This is more of an easy sipper to me and has slightly more complexity and things to discover. Getting honey and dessert wine now

Finish: The fruitiness builds for the finish. A slight tingle on the tongue froma touch of spice (cinnamon). Quite a Chsitmassy finish!

Overall: A wonderful, complex and ever evolving whisky. My preferred of the two sampled so far.

Firkin 49: Tullibardine is available at TopWhiskies for £69.

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