Fragrant Drops Port Dundas 21yo 62.1% ABV

port dundas

Originally filled at the Port Dundas distillery on 10-Oct-2000. Bottled on 6-Oct-2022 and limited to 187 bottles.

Appearance: White dessert wine. A thin beaded swirl mark forms, along with many thin to medium trails around the entirety of the glass. After a while, the beads morph into an upside-down crown of teardrops. A semi-viscous film coats the inside of the glass.

Nose: The ABV is immediately evident, but not overwhelming. Citrus, sherbert and honey, it’s quite floral also. Hazelnut-dusted raspberry ripple vanilla ice cream, white chocolate and a very faint aroma of liquorice. An underbaked spongecake element hums along in the background too.

Palate: A fairly oily mouthfeel. The ABV is more evident on the palate with quite a spice-heavy arrival of white pepper and a mild chilli tingle, followed by a welcomed layer of sweeter honey. The citrus note is consistent with the nose, between lemon pepper and Limoncello. Mixed nuts and aniseed now, the spice isn’t subsiding as yet, Space Dust tingling on the tongue! After a while, a more vegetal note appears, possibly even that dusty library book aroma. This dram isn’t short on layers to explore. As I start to acclimatise I start to note confectionary sweetness: Fruit Salad sweets and Parma Violets.

Finish: White pepper, honey and the confectionary elements linger for a decent amount of time. A slight chilli tingle too.

Overall: After the initial hit of spice, the other elements start to reveal themselves and the dram starts to show its true potential and settle down with a good balance. It’s probably one of those rare drams that I’d add water to if I hadn’t finished it already. The heavier spice notes don’t fully agree with my tastes, but that is purely MY taste, I’m sure others would really enjoy this one.

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