George Dickel Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey 12 45% ABV

george dickel 12

This expression from the George Dickel collection of Tennessee whiskies, No. 12 is a 90-proof (45% ABV) sour mash whiskey, made with a mash bill of 84% corn, 8% rye and 8% malted barley.

Appearance: Old oak. A beaded swirl mark, quickly turning to thin non-viscous legs after further agitation a film does form in the glass, embossed with medium legs.

Nose: A reassuringly bold wave of ethanol and aromas.
A big hit of cherry, caramel, molasses and spice. The very first impression/comparison that struck me was Shenks funnily enough.
There’s a pleasant depth to the nose, not thin or single-layered.

Palate: Spiced cherryade, buttered toast, subtle Christmas spices and satsuma.
For 45% it’s big on the palate, add it was on the nose.
The caramel, sugar and cherry are as obvious on the palate as they were on the nose.

Finish: medium in length. A buttery milkshake-like cherry, Christmas spices and a slight copper tinge.

Overall: I’ve always been a huge fan of sour mash but not George Dickel, this brings that to an end, it’s a cracking whiskey.. big on flavour and well balanced.

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