Gladstone Axe American Oak 41% ABV

gladstone axe

A blend of whiskies from 14 different Highland and Islay single malt distilleries, which has been matured in American oak Bourbon barrels.

Appearance: Honey gold, amber. Decent tide marked quickly develops into medium/thick legs when swirled. It’s a lovely colour and appearance generally actually. Looks fresh and crisp.

Nose: On the nose, there’s plenty of confectionary sugar, red liquorice, vanilla pod, honey and quite floral too. Candy cigarettes (or sticks, as they’re now known). There are some sweeter spices on the nose too: cinnamon and nutmeg. It’s all sweet and slightly citrus for me, no warmer spices.
The nose has slight barley (I think that’s what does it) effect on the chest, like pear drops.
Red apple orchards now, slightly fermenting. That additional sharpness on top of the red apple sweetness.
It’s a very friendly nose indeed. If the palate carries on that trend, we’re onto a winner here!

Palate: Lovely semi-viscous mouthfeel. White chocolate, bitter orange, buttered bread. There’s more spice heat than expected, given the complete absence on the nose, but it’s a nice surprise, another layer to discover.
Now, when inhaling through the nose upon taking a sip, there’s far more sweet orange.

Finish: That apple sweet/sharpness, sweet spices still, honey, vanilla and sugar

Overall: Extremely friendly, sweet and easy sipper. Nice.

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