Glasgow 1770 Calvados Cask Finish 58.7% ABV


A limited edition release of 270 bottles at 58.7% ABV. The contents of a single cask, the unpeated double distilled spirit was filled on the 23rd of May 2017 into a first fill ex-bourbon cask and then laid to rest for two years and five months in a Calvados French brandy cask. Bottled on the 20th of June 2023, this is the first release of a Calvados finished single malt from this distillery.

Appearance: Old gold. A micro-beaded tide mark forms instantly when swirled along with a few thick trails within the semi-viscous film.

Nose: A nice level of ethanol. Sugary orchard fruits spring from the glass first, very friendly! Fruit pie with buttery pastry and baked brown sugar next, lovely! Giant Apple Solur Chewits and toffee pudding with custard next. Some hot, freshly drilled, sawdust adds another aroma layer to this dram.

Palate: A lovely arrival! A lovely oily mouthfeel together with orchard fruits smothered in caramel and a nice balance of black pepper just tingling away in the background. Candied ginger, cinnamon and Custard Creams add a sweet biscuity layer to the palate. There’s a growing spice warmth with this dram, quite ‘Christmassy’ and comforting. There’s a beautiful mellow caramel covering to all of the flavours for me.

Finish: The comforting mellow caramel-smothered orchard fruits, gentle warming spices and pastry notes all last for a good amount of time. The finish definitely leaves you wanting more.

Overall: A dangerously friendly and easy-to-drink whisky. This one is very clever in that it would make a great intro whisky but also holds its own with seasoned drinkers too.

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