Glasgow 1770 Peated, 46% ABV.

Glasgow 1770 Peated, 46% ABV.

Appearance – Medium Gold in colour, with thick running legs.

Nose – Fruity sweet peat, ashy too, Germoline, Aniseed, Slightly vegetal, Dunnage, Cherry Sweetness, BBQ meat, Sticky fabric plasters, Cinnamon.

Palate – Bonfire ash, BBQ meat, Germoline, Slightly herbal, Earthy, Slightly drying, Lemonade sweetness, citrusy, Lemon rind, perhaps Grapefruit.

Finish – Long and lingering, Black pepper, Oak, Peat, BBQ sauce, Leather.

My thoughts – Another super offering from the Glasgow Distillery, and deliciously peated this time.

Would I buy a bottle? – For me, without a doubt, a must try for peated whisky lovers.

Thanks to – @1770whisky, @TweetTastings, @TheWhiskyWire (All Twitter).

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