Glasgow 1770 Triple Distilled 46% ABV


This single malt is made from premium malted barley and clean Loch Katrine water. It ferments for more than 72 hours and is then carefully distilled three times in ancient copper pot stills.
To obtain the lightest and purest spirit, a third distillation is added to remove heavy oiler components from the spirit.
Aged in a blend of virgin American oak and former Bourbon barrels, which are mated prior to bottling.
Natural in colour, non-chill filtered, and bottled at 46% ABV.

Appearance: Light gold/diluted apple juice. A beaded swirl line which quickly morphs into an unbroken chain of small teardrops. After a time many sticky medium trails form. The film has a good viscosity to it.

Nose: A pleasing ethanol strength, present but sympathetic to the aromas. A sweet nose: caramel, confectionary sugar, banana foam sweets and a touch of furniture polish. Some fruit bowl aromas like green apple, grape and pineapple (anyone remember Cariba??) add a little light and zingy lift. A little cream soda on vanilla ice cream! It’s a lovely nose, very moreish indeed!

Palate: A pleasantly semi-oily mouthfeel and a little kick from some white pepper spice on arrival. The caramel smoothness and wood notes are consistent with the nose. After a few sips, the sweeter confectionary and fruit notes start to emerge (slowly). The apple and banana first, followed by pear drops and a little cloying. Bananas and custard now, along with the pineapple and pear.

Finish: Medium in length. Banana, confectionary sugar, custard, caramel and some mild oak. Some black pepper and aniseed right at the end.

Overall: A very pleasant dram indeed. Friendly, well-balanced and plenty to explore. Nice!

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