Glasshouse 46% ABV


Glasshouse is a premium blended Scotch whisky made from 100% malted barley, no other grain.
The blend combines Coffey and pot-distilled whisky to create a clean and bright style of whisky.
Bottled non-chill filtered at 46% ABV which helps carry through flavour and body in long drinks. Distilled and bottled at the boundary-pushing Loch Lomond distillery.

I’ve been reliably informed by @WhiskyWithMolly over on Twitter that this was a standout at a recent tasting and blind price estimated at around £60. At an actual price of £30 currently on Amazon, it was a no-brainer to buy and try!!

Appearance: White dessert wine. Decent viscosity on the glass, a good film with medium legs.

Nose: Decent Ethanol sensation, icing sugar dusted over berries and red apples, fruit salad sweets, pear drops and a touch of orange ice lolly. A very friendly and approachable nose indeed.

Palate: Pleasant mouthfeel, not super oily but definitely not thin.
Heaps of sugar-dusted red apples and confectionary sweetness, sponge cake, butter pastry and stewed dark fruits. Honey nut Cornflakes and brown sugar.
Some floral notes, summer flowers (not rose). A tad vegetal and the newly learned copper coin tinge too.

Finish: Still dominated by the confectionary sweet notes. Soft spice notes appear now though, adding balance.
Nicely warming on the chest. Some liquorice and drying at the back of the throat.

Overall: This would definitely make a great mixer for sure, but it’s also a great blended whisky in its own.
It would make a great entry whisky to introduce a friend!
For around £30 it’s truly exceptional value!

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