Glen Elgin,58.9% ABV, Berry brothers and Rudd(Blind Tasted).


This bottling was blind tasted during the Blind Tasting Consortium blind tasting #8 on 20/2/21. To look up past tastings or follow future tastings check out #BlindDrams, using Tweetdeck is the best way.

Appearance – This whisky is mid gold in colour, it beads up on the swirl line, and again decent thick legs.

Nose – Boiled sweets, cereals/grains, a slight barbecue meat note, menthol, dustiness, and guava? cherries again, and biscuits.

Palate – Milky coffee, then spices again, stronger than #1, spicy Jamaican ginger cake, dark chocolate, black pepper this time, a touch of tropical fruits, guava and mango, brown sugar, caramel, but loverly and warming, and spicy.

Finish – It’s long, it’s spicy, there’s still some sweetness from tropical fruits, but darker fruits rule here, cloves, figs, raisins, a touch of struck match? Cracked black peppercorns, oak, chilli’s, cinnamon, and a touch of salt.

My thoughts – Again another bottle blind sample that turns out to be a bottle i would buy, the palate is lovely in my opinion.

Would i buy a bottle? – As i said above, i certainly would, it is a solid drop of whisky, and one for others to consider if they enjoy spicy whiskies.

Thanks to – @MaltMusings and @stewedwhisky (Twitter).

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