Glen Moray 2011 Single Cask #600434 peated Port, 53.4& ABV.

glenmoray peated port finish

Cask filled 2011 – Bottled 25/09/2020, bottle number 14.

Appearance – This whisky is dark gold in colour, it beads up on the glass, and has small teardrop legs.

Nose – Ooooh i like this nose lots, smokey with royal icing, i love this mixture and it’s making me salivate, bbq meat, liquorice, cola cubes and old leather.

Palate – Much more fruity for me, red wine? Definitely strawberries, raspberries, cherries, furniture Polish, varnish, dark chocolate, getting spicier too, ginger, cinnamon, cigar leaves, and a touch of linseed oil, nice mouth feel also.

Finish – The finish is longer for me, sustained spiciness, wood, tannins and a fruit sweetness persists.

My thoughts – Another super blind sample, a super drop of whisky and a pleasure to try to be honest, very nice indeed.

Notes – This bottle is presented in its natural colour and non chill filtered.

Would i buy a bottle? – It’s another yes, it has a gorgeous nose, and the palate isn’t far behind, a great allrounder in my humble opinion.

Thanks to – @MaltMusings (Twitter), for our blind samples and accompanying pictures.

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