Glen moray hand fill distillery exclusive, 57.6% abv, (blind tasted).

glen moray hand fill exclusive

Cask #6002610, 2010 Marsala cask finished for 8 months.

Appearance – Oxidising copper in colour, with thin legs.

Nose – Another high ABV, cola cubes, prunes, black cherries, Pontefract cakes, vanilla custard, linseed oil, sweet lemon, cherry lozenges. Strawberries are coming, a little ash, sweet pastry too.

Palate – Starts off with lots of red berries, spicy too, cigar leaves, dunnage, cherryade, not easy to pick apart this one. I’m getting either soap or slight sulphur here, it’s so light but I’m definitely getting it, oily on the lips, love that, and I’d say red wine cask.

Finish – Very drying, got to be wine cask, flocked teeth, black pepper, oak, cigar leaves, quite long, black coffee, cinnamon.

My thoughts – I like the flavours this bottle offers, but the dryness is a little overpowering for me.

Would i buy a bottle? – It’s been good to taste it but i probably wouldn’t buy a bottle, dryness from wine casks isn’t my favourite whisky trait.

Notes – This whisky is presented as its natural colour, it’s non chill filtered, and bottled at cask strength.

Picture credits – All pic were taken by @Chris_f74, follow below.

Thanks to – The Blind Tasting Consortium (Twitter), using #BlindDrams, and @Chris_f74.

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