Glen Ord 5yr old 46% ABV.

glen ord 5yr

Bottled by The Single cask for Summerton whisky club. Cask number #29


This whisky is very light in colour, white wine/straw. It’s very viscous on the glass, leaves a very thick syrupy swirl line and thick syrupy legs.


Wow, it noses way higher than 46% ABV, and aroma wise initially it’s very fruity, the cherries, apricots, and red berry jammyness mix nicely with pencil shavings. It’s developing some now, a menthol note is coming to the fore, along with cereals, grains, and pastry, it’s becoming dusty also, and I’m getting a hit of tea. Linseed oil, and old putty here, reminding me of old trades, the nose is offering some very interesting aromas, especially as it’s only 5 years old, (with more time a meatiness develops too).


First off, nice mouthfeel, quite syrupy, I’d hoped this would come through from its appearance. Again it’s very fruity for me, more tropical fruits/fruit cocktail syrup from the can, and stoned fruits, and it’s also starting to build some spiciness. The fruitiness is still there, and the spiciness is enveloping it, we have white pepper, jalapeño chilli’s, white grapes, a feint drying, and cocoa developing. There’s quite a bit of oak here too to be honest, for a 5 year old whisky I have to say it’s not lacking anything.


The finish is quite (and surprisingly) long, it’s starts off sweet, with icing sugar and white fruits, then it becomes spicy like the palate, and becomes sweeter again before it slowly fades.

My thoughts

If this is a good indication of Glen Ord flavours and aromas I can’t understand how it’s so overlooked, it is a delightful drop of whisky bottled as a collaboration between The Single Cask Independent bottlers and The Summerton Whisky Club.

Would i buy a bottle?

Without a doubt, and it’s a shame I wasn’t in the Summerton Whisky Club when this beauty come around, it’s a cracker in my humble opinion. More Glen Ord tasting (homework) now needs to be done.

This whisky is presented in its natural colour and is non chill filtered.

Image courtesy of Summerton Whisky Club.

Thanks to @GeoffGilmore1 (Twitter).

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