Glen Scotia 10yo Campbeltown Festival 2021 56.1% ABV

glen scotia 2021 festival release

The first year unpeated spirit has been used for a festival bottling. Matured in first-fill bourbon barrels & finished for 5 months in Bordeaux red wine casks.

Appearance: That orangeade hue is present again here, very inviting! Lovely viscosity and beading, good medium/thick legs.

Nose: Quite delicate, especially given the ABV. Lots of berry sweetness, raspberry ripple ice cream, cream soda (which I now pick up thanks to @StillSurreal) and quart jar foam sweets. I really like this nose, I love the confectionary and berry aromas.

Palate: After an initial spice hit there’s lots of the berry sweetness, stone/gravel (don’t get that much!), mild chilli, some chocolate notes too.
I also get the milky coffee note from the previous dram too. Nice.

Finish: A touch of drying on the finish. The berries last the longest on the medium/long finish. There are some coastal notes too now.

Overall: I’m torn between this, the Tawny and the Seasonal, which are all exceptional. That said, all 5 are very welcome in my cabinet!

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