Glen Scotia 11yo Sherry Double Cask 54.1% ABV.


Appearance – This Glen Scotia is a slightly darker Gold in colour, it’s very viscous on the glass, and has very thick slow legs.

Nose – Oh I do like the nose, it’s very clean with loads of red fruits and berries, there’s menthol too, lots of icing sugar, red cherries, strawberries, raspberries, red currants, there is a very slight bacon scent, and sweet vanilla, I could nose this for ages to be honest.

Palate – It’s sooooo fruity, much like new make spirit with the red fruit Jammy, fruit cocktail syrup thing going on, it’s very sweet for me also, with a super syrupy mouthfeel, especially on the lips. There’s icing sugar, and I’d say royal icing, there’s no drying, imho it’s a fantastic palate, so inviting and flavourful.

Finish – It’s very long, initially very sweet but slowly becomes a little spicy, white grapes, light white pepper, white wine, icing sugar, castor sugar, loverly stuff 襤.

My thoughts- This is a special bottling, the first of many I suspect, and it’s an absolute belter, for a first real foray into something new I’d say it’s a great success. It’s different from the usual Glen Scotia, but then it’s meant to be, and if this is the quality Glen Scotia are aiming for, keep an eye out for future specials, I can’t wait to see where they go with them.

Would I buy a bottle? – You know what’s coming, it’s a no brainer yes from me, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, and would gladly do so again. I will say that the Glen Scotia dna is missing here, but it’s meant to be, and i hope they continue to bring some thing new out for limited release.

Notes – This bottling is non chill filtered, natural colour and presented at cask strength.

Thanks to – @newdramdrinker, @Mrs_NDD, @LLBlender and @GaryMills01 (all Twitter).

Picture credit – The Whisky Shop.

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