Glen Scotia 15 yr old, 46% ABV.

Appearance – It’s dark gold In colour, it’s very viscous on the glass, and has very slow legs.

Nose – Now this is more coastal for me, damp rocks, there’s a fair whack of menthol too, it noses sweeter than the double cask, there’s icing sugar, apricots and peaches with lemon, there’s a very light smoke, and white grapes, there’s a fair ABV on the nose too, and it’s slightly dusty. With time the fruits become more pronounced,

Palate – There’s definitely saline here, and it’s quite pronounced, coastal, marine, white pepper, it has a good mouthfeel too. I’d say red berries for me fruit wise, dunnage/ earthiness, tobacco leaves, some cinnamon spice, there’s also a little cranberry dryness.

Finish – It’s quite long, red berries mix with a light smoke, and a little oak.

My thoughts – Another loverly whisky from Glen Scotia, and is definitely a step up on the nose and palate from the Double cask, bringing along more coastal notes.

Would I buy a bottle? – Its another yes from me, it has the Glen Scotia DNA, and brings more with it.

Notes – This bottling is non chill filtered and does have colour added, though I have been told that a swap to natural colour may be on the horizon.

Thanks to – @newdramdrinker, @Mrs_NDD, @LLBlender and @GaryMills01 (all Twitter).

Picture credit – Wine Searcher.

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