Glen Scotia 2003 15yo 55.3% ABV (Drambletown Loch – SMWS 93.99).

Glen Scotia 2003 15yo 55.3% ABV (Drambletown Loch - SMWS 93.99).

Glen Scotia 2003 15yo 55.3% ABV (SMWS 93.99).A dram that could only have come from campbeltown. Pure, peaty, earthy, medicinal, whacky, fruity and coastal.

Tyndrum Whisky


A shade deeper than light gold in colour. It has a thick swirl line, that drops slow thick legs. 


Initially I’m getting tropical fruits, pineapple chunks and papaya, dry grass, lemoncello, and vanilla crowns with the white icing drizzle on them. A whiff of lager shandy passes through, and cask wood is also showing itself. 

More time and I’m getting lemonade ice lollies, cereal like weetabix, tree resin, and lightly toasted bread.

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The mouthfeel is lovely and oily, very viscous. It’s peated to the point where it finds you, rather than having to look for it. I’m getting cherries here too, like bourbon, and it’s nice and spicy.

Most of the notes from the nose can be found on the palate. It’s nice and rounded, and the flavours are very nicely blended together. The spices plateau, and the sweetness really comes through. Green grapes, Victoria plums, a hint of lime cordial, it’s quite fresh now. 


Long side of medium in length for me, and remaining sweet in general, light wood interaction, but again more fruit sweet refreshing, quite a bag of starburst sweets.

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My thoughts

This is another SMWS bottling that i really like. Plenty of peat and a veritable platter of juicy fruits, it was always going to tick boxes for me. I found that it throws everything at you, there’s no need to go looking. Yes it’s a cracking dram in my humble opinion, and anyone who grabbed themselves a bottle got a belter of a whisky.

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