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Glen Scotia Double Cask whisky is a wonderfully easy-drinking Campbeltown Single Malt whisky with tastes of toffee, salted caramel and a sweet dry sherry finish.

Aged in bourbon barrels before being finished in PX sherry casks, this expression provides the perfect balance of rich spicy fruits, sea spray and sweet vanilla oak.

Glen Scotia


I’d say this is a lemony gold in colour, it has a nice thick swirl line that quickly releases slow syrupy thick legs.


Straight off I get an oiliness, a touch of menthol, lemon and tropical fruits. There are hints of darker fruits and spices. There’s a good helping of wood here too, and grains atm.

With more time it’s starting to come across dusty, wood wax and perhaps linseed bring the nose to a close for me.


My palate isn’t an issue this evening, and that’s a lovely spicy intro isn’t it, both bourbon and PX casks offering spices at it sits in the middle of them both, a lovely balance for me.

Sweet lemon, pineapple and apricots mix so well with raisins, figs and cloves, and yes I get the white wine thing, very nice to be honest.


I’d agree with the nuttiness on the finish, chillis, dark chocolate, pontefract cakes, anise and black liquorice, I do like this.

My thoughts

This was a great starting point for our 5 dram Glen Scotia tasting. Its a 46% ABV intro level whiskey, 46% ABV is a good start, and for around £40 a bottle i’d say it’s pretty good value too. You do get a lot of aromas and flavours for that £40, more than many i can think of to be honest, it is a solid step towards stronger, punchier and complicated aromas and flavours that newcomers might find intimidating. In all honesty if someone bought me a bottle i’d be rather happy with it.

A big thank you goes out to Michael Henry – @LLBlender, for joining us on this tasting, and you can follow Michael and us on Twitter using the follow buttons below.

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