Glen Scotia Tawny Port Finish 14YR OLD, 52.8% abv, (blind tasted).

glen scotia 14 tawny port

Limited edition Campbeltown Malts Festival 2020.

Appearance – This whisky is dark amber in colour, it has thinner teardrop legs.

Nose – A higher ABV possibly, there’s still some menthol, there’s bonfire ash here, sweet cherries, stoned fruits too with lemon and pineapple, there’s a germoline note too. It’s almost confectionery behind the peat, this is definitely sweeter on the nose.

Palate – It’s instantly salty, not as spicy for me, pineapple, pears, salted bacon again, nuttiness, a little smoke/peat, not as much as I expected tbh. There’s sweet lemon too, but so salty for me. It’s making my lips tingle too, ABV? so oily and syrupy.

Finish – The finish is also medium long, still salty, cigar leaves, cinnamon, and more refined I’d say.

My thoughts – I had a feeling i’d tried this before, and i had. Its so oily, salty too, with wonderful depth, it does stand out as one of the best whiskies released in 2020.

Notes – This bottling is natural in colour, and non chill filtered.

Would i buy a bottle? – Damned right i would, and i’ve yet to meet someone who wouldn’t to be honest.

Thanks to – @MaltMusings (Twitter), for our blind samples and accompanying pictures.

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