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Glen Scotia Victoriana, a true Campbeltown whisky, inspired by Victorian times. This cask strength single malt is one for the whisky connoisseurs.

Our master distiller, Iain McAllister, hand selects the casks from our reserve cellar. Each cask is chosen for its rare characteristics, exceptional maturity, and the flavours it can bring to this Single Malt whisky.

Glen Scotia


A little darker that damp straw this time, a thinner swirl line that beads up immediately, and drops slow medium thick legs.


The ABV is a lot more apparent here, and I’m initially getting sweeter notes, though it’s changing tbh. I’m thinking seared pineapple slices, there is a cooked meat note from the same barbecue, that evergreen boughs aroma.


Very nice mouthfeel, and fruitier than the nose suggests for me, with a hint of ale, perhaps vanilla stout too. Red berries dance on my tongue, with lemonade, subtle wood notes, maybe a touch of peach Melba also, with sweet lemon again.


Long side of medium, still quite spicy, still tropical and stoned fruits with lemon, and it does have a Jammy new make flavour too

My thoughts

Iv’e had the pleasure of this Victoriana bottling a few times now, and i have to say that it never disappoints me. It has consistently been of great quality, and i know i’d enjoy it any time to be honest. Michael Henry confirming that this step back in time of a dram does come with some original sources just impresses me so much, no flannel here.

The nose and palate are definitely “dirty”, and i’d say it’s one for a whisky enthusiast that’s past the first stage of entry level whisky exploration. Wonderful aromas and flavours await whoever’s approaching this bottling, once this step has been taken whisky will never feel the same again, it’s a door into a whisky wonderland. This has been a bottle iv’e never seen anyone on whisky social media disagree with either, no wonder Glen Scotia whisky has a very dedicated and hardcore following .

A big thank you goes out to Michael Henry – @LLBlender for joining us on the tasting this whisky was a part of. Both Michael and us can be followed on twitter using the buttons below.

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