Glen Scotia Victoriana, 54.2% ABV.

glen scotia Victoriana 54.2% abv

Appearance – It’s light gold in colour, it beads up on the swirl line, and hangs there!

Nose – That’s an ABV slap initially, with red cherries, and lemon slices, there’s a dusty mustiness on the nose too, which continues with vanilla, cereals, raspberries, strawberry syrup, a very light smoke, and a slight BBQ meats notes too.

Palate – It’s so much more easier on the palatable than the nose suggests ABV wise, there’s a very oily mouthfeel, there’s lots of tropical fruits and stoned fruits, fruit cocktail syrup all day long for me, really oily on the lips, there’s a little ash, white pepper, icing sugar, some high cocoa content dark chocolate, and espresso coffee.

Finish – The finish is long with sweetness and stoned fruits, light pepper, and light oak, it’s so easy drinking for the ABV.

My thoughts – I absolutely love this bottling, the intensity of the palate is wonderful, again with that Glen Scotia dna. The oiliness is so apparent and pleasing too.

Would I buy a bottle? – It’s another resounding yes from me here, at cask strength this whisky is delightful, there’s loads going on, and the distillery dna is showcased nicely.

Notes – This bottling is natural coloured and non chill filtered, it’s been bottled at cask strength, from heavily charred casks.

Thanks to – @newdramdrinker, @Mrs_NDD, @LLBlender and @GaryMills01 (all Twitter).

Picture credit – The Whisky Exchange.

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