Glenallachie 12yr old 46% ABV

glenallachie 12yr old
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In this era of mergers and consolidations we go against the grain; an independent, Scottish owned and managed whisky company. We chose to step away from the corporate treadmill and short-term targets. Instead, we focus on the important things; making great whisky and enjoying life.

It is in this tradition that we would like to introduce the most important release in the history of The GlenAllachie Distillers Company; GlenAllachie 12 year old, the heart of our range, a landmark bottling. Our best casks selected and bottled under the careful eye of our Master Distiller Billy Walker.

The GlenAllachie 12 Year Old is bottled at 46%, non chill filtered and natural colour.

Glenallachie Distillers Company


It’s a lovely deep gold, not quite chestnut but getting there. It has a lovely thick swirl line and very slow medium legs. #TheWhiskeyChaps


For 46% ABV it’s a strong nose, with that hot mash potato thing I get, a little foresty, aromatic wood, and fruits, raisins, guava, black cherry jam on toast. #TheWhiskeyChaps

I’m also betting hubba bubba chewing gum from the olden days too 😅 #TheWhiskeyChaps


Mouthfeel is good, reasonably oily, and the spices come in a tsunami wave, mince pie filling, Black Forest gateaux, dark treacle for sure. #TheWhiskeyChaps

Yes a sweetness does start to come through, fruit cocktail juice form the can, a little liquorice too now, it’s quite rich I have to say, it’s a lovely dram. #TheWhiskeyChaps


Quite long in total, and it does really become stewed dark fruit syrupy sweetness, with some 5 spice, root ginger and cinnamon thrown in. #TheWhiskeyChaps

My thoughts

Coming to this from a place of only ever tasting one GlenAllachie dram before, i wasn’t expecting too much, it is an entry level whisky after all. Turns out that it’s a lovely whisky, with a good mouthfeel and bucket loads of flavour, and all in ataround £48 a bottle in the current whisky climate is a decent price for what youll get, i’d happily have a bottle in my whisky cupboard, as @leejay2876 does regularly.

A big thank you goes out to Leejay – @leejay2876 for joining us on one of our tastings for the first time, it was a pleasure, and for the use of his tweet in this review. Leejay can be followed on twitter using the button below.

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