GlenAllachie 15 Year Old 46% ABV

Glenallachie 15yo

Released in 2019, NCF & NC and finished in a combination of puncheons and hogsheads that previously held Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso sherry.

Appearance: Another expression from these guys that’s a very attractive colour! Similar to the 12 of mahogany, maybe slightly more oaky orange. Lots of thick quick forming legs ooze through a lovely viscous film. Some teardrops too

Nose: The ABV is evident but not overbearing. The notes are harder to distinguish, it’s more delicate than the 12. Icing sugar, horse chestnuts, dried fruits and crunchy not cornflakes, all are subdued and covered with a spring water aroma. Chocolate Hob Nobs now, malt, oats and bitter dark chocolate. After sipping for a while I believe there is a very subtle sweet smoked meats note, like the kitchen the morning after cooking steak.

Palate: The mouthfeel definitely jumps up a level compared to the 12yo. This has a buttery quality to it. There’s a pleasing jammy element, strawberry flavour. Cornish vanilla and a touch of mint choc chip ice cream. There are oak notes on the palate but they are much more in check and avoid drying for the most part. This also has the missing jam element from the 12yo.

Finish: Medium in length. Black pepper dusted strawberries and vanilla ice cream, some oak and a nibble of caramelised steak.

Overall: I prefer the palate to the nose on this one (the opposite of my impression of the 12). It’s a lovely whisky though and I’d be happy if I’d purchased a bottle blind.

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