Glenallachie 15yr old 46% ABV

glenallachie 15yr old
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Almost four years since we formed the GlenAllachie Distillers Company, bringing the distillery back into private ownership, we released the very special expression as an extension of our core range. Our Master Distiller, Billy Walker, has worked tirelessly on perfecting this expression since day one; evaluating casks and refining recipes to create something special. We’re proud to present the jewel in our crown; the GlenAllachie 15 years old.

The GlenAllachie 15 Year Old is bottled at 46%, non chill filtered and natural colour.

Glenallachie Distillers Company


Again a lovely deep natural gold, it’s so dark. Again a nice thick swirl line, with a few very thick legs. #TheWhiskeyChaps


I’m getting the foresty feel I got with the 12yr old, the wood is more fragrant, old leather with this one, wood varnish, dark chocolate coated raisins, definitely a darker heavier nose to this. #TheWhiskeyChaps


This is a better married and dare I say it a smoother palate. The spices are here but they are calmer for me, showing more maturity for the extra 3 years. The flavours are slightly different too.

I’m finding the palate wider flavour wise, from strawberry laces, to grapefruit, black cherries, blackcurrant jam, mocha coffee, cigar leaves, some dunnage too, with icing sugar, the depth is wonderful imho. #thewhiskeychaps


The finish is again quite long, and a real sweet/spicy combo, leading into black liquorice, anise, ponefract cakes, eventually espresso, with more cigar leaves and continued dunnage. #TheWhiskeyChaps

My thoughts

The standard 12yr old is a lovely dram, but the jump between that an the 15yr old is quite profound. The mouthfeel is thicker, it’s a very nicely married, and there are more flavours to be found, with more depth. The 12yr old is good value for money in my book, but i would seriously consider paying the extra and purchasing the 15yr old, this is another i’d be happy to own a bottle of.

A big thank you goes out to Leejay – @leejay2876 for joining us on one of our tastings for the first time, it was a pleasure, and for the use of his tweet in this review. Leejay can be followed on twitter using the button below.

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