Glenallachie 1992 Connoisseurs Choice (Gordon & MacPhail) 43% ABV.

glenallachie 1992 g&m

A Connoisseurs Choice bottling of the little-seen Glenallachie, one of Pernod Ricard’s Speyside workhorses. This is from the 1992 vintage and is a mix of refill bourbon and sherry casks.

The Whisky Exchange


This dram is a very light gold in colour, the swirl line is medium thick and drops slow legs. #thewhiskeychaps


Now I remember getting foresty notes quite a lot last week with the other GlenAllachie’s, and I’m getting it again now. Evergreen boughs, damp forest floor, earthy, quite a lot of wood, as I’m going with hazel nuts. #thewhiskeychaps

Dandelion and burdock, perhaps even a faint whiff of smoke too, and slowly becoming fruitier for me, guava, black grapes. #thewhiskeychaps


The palate starts off with an almost fizzy feel, and I think it comes across higher than 43% ABV. This is a mix of spices and citrus for me. Kicking off with bitter lemon, royal icing, and perhaps grapefruit. #thewhiskeychaps

It does develop into darker fruits with figs and raisins, perhaps even chocolate coated raisins, mocha coffee, cask char, light tannins? And it continues to stay spicy too. #thewhiskeychaps


I have to say that the spices on the palate carry on through to the finish, they do last, and the mouthfeel improves also. Not it’s predominantly darker fruits for me, the sherry cask I’m guessing. ##thewhiskeychaps

My thoughts

This bottle of Glanallachie is one of mine, and i have to say i rather like it, even at only 43% ABV, and it’s quite unusual. The colour of the whisky screams Ex bourbon cask, and yet it’s from mix mix of both refill Bourbon and sherry casks. Initially it is Ex Bourbon cask led, but the spicy sherry notes do make it through to the later part of the palate and into the finish. To be honest it’s great to try a 17yo whisky that was bottled over 10 years ago.

A big thank you goes out to a Twitter whisky friend, Mike – @whiskyodyssey for joining us on this tasting with his tasting notes and thoughts on this dram, and for letting me use a tweet or two in this review. Mike has his own whisky blog that can be found here, it’s always a great read, and i highly recommend following it. Mike can be followed on Twitter using the button below.

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