Glenburgie 13yo 59.9% ABV SMWS 71.74 (Skinny Dipping in Scotch Broth).

Glenburgie 13yo 59.9% ABV SMWS 71.74 (Skinny Dipping in Scotch Broth).


Very light in colour this dram, damp straw I’d say. For a second the swirl line is quite thick, it then beads up, that coats the glass with an all over film that eventually settled on very thick smeared legs.


I’m smiling, this whisky has a rather unusual and wonderful nose. The ABV is very evident, with a big sniff I can taste it on the back of my palate. There’s a lot of apricot here, it’s juicy and it’s making me salivate to be honest. Strawberry mousse, cocktail cherries, Black Forest gateau, and syrup from a can of fruit cocktail. Vanilla crowns also come through, with a little white pepper, and it’s coming across a little dusty too.

More time and the nose becomes sweeter and juicier. Green grapes and just ripe plums, and those lemon slice jelly sweets.

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Image courtesy of The Single Cask,YT.


The mouthfeel is very nice, quite syrupy, and it’s. A big bold spice bomb palate. Sweet lemon and coffee beans, guava and black liquorice, there’s quite a spicy cinnamon and vanilla combo too. 

Lemonade, molasses, cherry liquor, milk chocolate with raisins too. There’s plenty to enjoy in my humble opinion.


The finish is long side of medium in length. The spices and sweetness tussle right to the end, and I’d say faint drying joins the party at this point. The finish flavour wise is a continuation of the bulk of the palate.

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My thoughts

I have to confess to enjoying the few Glenburgie whiskies i have tried. All have been independently bottled offerings, as that is pretty much how they come. This and the fact that it was a SMWS bottle gave me high hopes.

I’m very pleased to report that this is an excellent Glenburgie. It is definitely one of the best iv’e tasted so far. I found it wonderfully fruity with a lot of spiciness too. The 2nd fill Ex Bourbon cask obviously still had plenty to offer. This is a bottle i would love to have had.

A big thank you goes out to @RockNRolla60, a great Twitter whisky friend, for the generous sample, follow him on Twitter below.

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