Glencadam 10yo 46% ABV

glencadam 10yo

This was first released in 2008 under the new ownership of Angus Dundee.

Glencadam Distillery opened in 1825, and since then little has changed to our award-winning whisky. The entire Glencadam range is bottled at 46%, is unchillfiltered and is natural in colour.
Multi-award winning Glencadam Highland Single Scotch Malt Whisky Aged 10 Years. 

Appearance: Light in colour. Bleached straw, white wine.
Nice and viscous. Good oily consistency clings to the glass in many medium legs.

Nose: As the appearance suggests, nice and fresh. Lemon, red apple, banana, honey, malty/hoppy.
There are some richer, darker fruit note undercurrents: Blackberry and icing sugar covered strawberries, together with cream.

Quite a desserty nose in this one, I’m liking it!

Palate: Nice texture, not oily as such, but has body definitely.
Spicy delivery! Cloves, white pepper, medium chillies and quite drying.
The honey, cream and lemon are still there, although the lemon is zestier now, more bitter.
There are some new-make berry flavours in there too, which I like.
Oak fades in and out throughout, interlacing the other flavours and adding general warmth.

Finish: A nice balance of the spice mix and the honey creaminess. Quite long too, longer than I’d expected.

Overall: Pretty nice! I like the flavours and balance generally. It’s a warming winter dram but equally fresh-tasting enough for a summer BBQ! Clever!

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