Glencadam 15yo 46% ABV


Glencadam 15 had a packaging facelift in 2009, at which time the strength was upped to 46% by owners Angus Dundee, who took over the distillery from Allied in 2003.

Appearance: Light gold, straw. Full-bodied white wine. Doesn’t seem as viscous as the 10yo, only thin legs trickling quickly back to the surface.

Nose: Nice and fruity, some sort notes and sweeter sugary aromas. Like honey-covered granola with mixed fruits.
Orange barley sugar emerges next, this is a lovely summer nose for sure!
In the background is the petrichor, spring water type aromas, adding natural freshness.

Palate: Initial impression is that it’s quite watery, similar to the Tullibardine expressions we tried recently. This one could definitely do with a higher ABV.
There are sour fruit notes here, citrus too. It has the slightest of slight dryness at the back of the tongue.
There are the buttery/cream flavours, as with the 10-year-old, but they are less pronounced with this expression.

Finish: Short to medium. Sugary fruit, watery and a touch of spice, maybe lemon pepper?

Overall: I prefer the 10yo, especially given that it’s 60%ish cheaper. This doesn’t have as much going on and my overall takeaway is that watered-down impression.

See also Glencadam 10yo & Glencadam 21yo.

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