Glencadam 2008 11yo Single cask #881 62.5% ABV (Blind Tasted).

glencadam 2008 11yo single cask #881

This whisky was blind tasted during the Blind Tasting Consortium’s 25th session, the whiskies were selected by Billy, @BillyCowan on Twitter.


Again very light gold in colour, the thin-ish swirl line beads up immediately, and creates an all over glass film and a few slow thick legs #BlindDrams


blind tasting consortium 25

This has more depth and range on the nose for me. Chocolate dipped strawberries, a touch of lime, a slight menthol note, and pine freshness. #BlindDrams

Cream soda sweetness, and with more time a botanical feel creeps in. #BlindDrams


Nice mouthfeel on this one, quite oily, and a very much a fruity/spicy combo going on. Red cherries, cranberries, a little drying, red liquorice, strawberry jam tarts. Then ginger, cinnamon, star anise, mocha and digestive biscuits. #BlindDrams

More time and i’m getting grapefruit, bitter lemon, quite hot white peeper now too. #BlindDrams


Again medium long in length, and the palate is still nice and spicy. If anything i’m getting more fruits, guava, seared pineapple, and white grapes. #BlindDrams

My thoughts

Now, don’t tell anyone, but i have this bottle in my whisky cupboard, and i do enjoy it. Glencadam is a gentle dram, and distillery releases are nice, but you wish you could taste it at cask strength. This bottle is 62.5% ABV, and is easily drinkable at the strength.

My bottle wasn’t what i’d call overly expensive, £65 ish comes to mind, for a cask strength these days is pretty decent. My go to cask type is Ex bourbon, and this bottle will continue to be enjoyed until it’s gone.

The Blind Tasting Consortium use the hashtag #BlindDrams when doing tastings, use Tweetdeck to search archived tweets for 125 blind tasted whiskies as of today’s.

Banner image courtesy of @jwbassman_

Bottle image – Master of Malt.

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