Glencadam 21yo 46% ABV


Appearance: Still light. White wine. More viscous than the 15. Nice and oily, good thick legs and glass coating.

Nose: This one has a nose that would suggest a higher ABV, although it’s still 46%. It smells more of what I’d hope for from a whisky at this price point, although it didn’t blow me away.
Much more confectionary sweetness. Sweetshop sweets, straight from the large tub behind the counter. Specifically the foam shrimps and bananas.
There’s also green apple skin,

Palate: Not the oiliest of whiskies but a nice viscosity nonetheless.

Spicy honey-coated apple hits first, with a warming tingle down the throat to the chest.
Sweet milky coffee, chocolate and an oaky undertone all show up on the palate.
Christmas spices mingle about too, coating the other flavours and balancing the sugar sweetness with a nice warmth.

Finish: Medium. Apples, cinnamon and icing sugar sweetness. There’s also a little sharpness, like grapefruit.

Overall: The best of the 3 I’ve tried tonight, but it should be shouldn’t it? Has the most depth and sense of quality.
Not sure I’d spend the best part of £100 though? By comparison and value, the 10yo wins hands down for me, at less than half the price too!

See also Glencadam 10yo & Glencadam 15yo.

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