Glencadam Reserva Andalucia, 46% ABV (Blind tasted).

glencadam reserva andalucia

This bottling was blind tasted during our Whiskey Chaps blind tasting #3 on the 7/1/21 with @RockNRolla60 and @gordonsmith63, Twitter follow buttons are at the bottom of this review.

Extra notes from sampling this whisky again after the blind tasting are added to the end of the notes in brackets.

Appearance – This is a lovely Rich amber colour, it’s quite viscous on the glass, and takes some time to drop nice syrupy legs.

Nose – That’s a decent ABV, fizzy up the nose straight away, and I initially get cocktail cherries, dustiness, an oiliness, some menthol, (Peaches, apricots, fruit cocktail syrup, bbq meat, vanilla and light leather).

Palate – very juicy, lots of red berries, cocoa, liquorice, cigar leaves, but lots of red berries all the way through. I’m getting lemon, a touch of pineapple, white pepper, and a chilli’s, it’s getting quite spicy the longer it sits, (apricots, dark chocolate, vanilla custard, fruit cocktail syrup, ginger, oak).

Finish – Long side of medium for me, very spicy, more wood coming along with ginger, cinnamon and cardamom, I like this tbh. I’m also getting some nuttiness and a touch of salinity right at the end of the finish, (very dark chocolate, banana?).

And the sample was.

Notes – This bottling is presented in its natural colour and non chill filtered.

My thoughts – I thoroughly enjoyed this whisky, i do like Glencadam whiskies anyway, the core range bottles are really good, and this bottle is no different, it also happens to be a bottle i have considered purchasing, i couldn’t say it’s a wow whisky, but it is enjoyable and most likely aimed at people newer to drinking whisky.

Would i buy a bottle? – Yes i would, it has plenty of flavours, its delightfully easy drinking, i think its a great allrounder for the price.

Picture credit – @RockNRolla60

Thanks to – @whiskeychap, @RockNRolla60, @gordonsmith63 and @Crocidolite11

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